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Prelude DMV 2014


Prelude DMV 2014

1st Place U4RIA

FLASH Dance Competition

RiSE Dance Company

George Jones will be teaching at Broadway Dance Center this week

September 4 4:30-6pm

September 5 1:30-3pm

September 7 4:30-6pm

Someone asked us where were we? We took about 2 months off after covering Echo Jam. We were lil burnt out & busy from our jobs & school while also running this channel.

But we came back in full force covering workshops from a couple of new teachers as well as some old familiar faces.


I hit up The Usual Suspektz Workshops. Instead of one teacher, they had a Mash Up Workshop with Lauren Cox & Soraya Lundy, BoyBoi & Ryan Davis, Jason “Boogie” Santana & Maho Udo. This was a great idea that gave the teachers a chance to collaboration with each other. Lauren & Soraya never met before this. If this didn’t happen they would have never did an incredible combo to Loveage.

Next up I covered Marty Kudelka’s Urban Reach Workshop. It was so great to see him teach & dance again after a small hiatus. (He’s a new father bytheway).


Started July off covering Unique Movement’s Summer Workshops featuring Alan Tan, Aaron Santos & Jake Pesquira.

Next up we covered The East Coast Dance Project’s auditions. This project reunited former Fr3sh members Adrian Causing, Leslie Hubilla, & Michael Esteban. Good luck to them tomorrow as they are performing in Funkanometry’s Sockhop.

Then Amado covered Dynamic Rockers’ Rep Your Style. It was so cool to see a jam held at a prestigious theater, Alvin Ailey, rather than in a studio or gym.

Finished off July by covering The Pulse on Tour Finale Gala. I was so inspired by the kids in this show. If I was their age I would totally take advantage of this program. Shout out the BoyBoi & Hayley who were named Elite Proteges.


I covered a workshop by my good friend Jeff Aguilar of EPIC Motion. He started teaching regularly on Saturdays at PMT Studios in NYC. Go out and take classes from him.

Next up was EPIC Motion’s Intensive’s featuring EPIC’s Chantel Williams & Michael Patlingrao, Emily Greenwell, and BoyBoi. We also experimented with livestreaming during the workshops. Thanks to those tuned in. :)

Down in the DMV, Jason & Brandon held down the fort covering Culture Shock’s East Coast Dance Concert. I’m so glad we expanded there. I loved all the performances especially Mini Shock’s.

Next we covered not one but two class from one of my favs Jian-Pierre Louis. He was in town performing with Nicki Minaj. It was a pleasure to meet him. I have been a fan of his for a long time & seeing them meeting him in person was awesome.

Dancers Are My Celebrities.


Coming up we have George Jones’ class as well as Urban Reach’s Workshops featuring La Jon, Luther Brown, & Lindsay Richardson.

We are gearing up for competition season. Have you guys signed up yet?

Important Dates:
October 6 NY’s Best Dance Crew (York College)
November 17 Pride 5 (NJ Convention & Exposition Center)
December 1 Prelude EC

Another dose of Jian? Why not?

Here’s his class @ BDC to “Hot Sex on a Platter” by A Tribe Called Quest

Jian Pierre-Louis Workshop

Song: “Dance With You” Imaani Brown

*I wish I took this class instead of filming it :(

East Coast Dance Concert


East Coast Dance Concert

CDC Stars

The Pulse on Tour

Another treat for our tumblr fam

Phunk Phenomenon

E.P.I.C. Motion 2012 Spring Showcase

"Humon Keurig"

Choreographed by Michael Toy

Dancers: Angelique Garcia, Julie Chang, Leah Hartman, Michael Toy, Melody Chen, Saskia Kivilo, Vanessa Sayajon

Alternative link: http://bit.ly/HXc6zB

Check out more performances from E.P.I.C. Motion’s Showcase here

RATV’s David talks with Pulse faculty member Gil Duldulao

RATV’s David Interviews Gil Duldulao

Photo by Chino Zapata

World of Dance New York: Midas Touch

World of Dance New York: Thee Slap Bracelets