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Prelude EC 2013


Slave 4 U Dancers Reunite @ Dancers’ Alliance Celebration

OMG I feel like I’m in high school again :)

George Jones will be teaching at Broadway Dance Center this week

September 4 4:30-6pm

September 5 1:30-3pm

September 7 4:30-6pm

Another dose of Jian? Why not?

Here’s his class @ BDC to “Hot Sex on a Platter” by A Tribe Called Quest

Jian Pierre-Louis Workshop

Song: “Dance With You” Imaani Brown

*I wish I took this class instead of filming it :(

East Coast Dance Concert


E.P.I.C. Motion 2012 Spring Showcase

"Humon Keurig"

Choreographed by Michael Toy

Dancers: Angelique Garcia, Julie Chang, Leah Hartman, Michael Toy, Melody Chen, Saskia Kivilo, Vanessa Sayajon

Alternative link: http://bit.ly/HXc6zB

Check out more performances from E.P.I.C. Motion’s Showcase here

Britney Spears “Gasoline” by choreographer Shawn “Sunny” Terrell

RATV’s David interviews Wade Robson 

Photo by Chino Zapata

RATV’s David interviews Wade Robson

Photo by Chino Zapata

Brian Friedman teaching to Little Bit at the Pulse Tour